From 10 to 12 April, the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) organized its 5th European Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Granada (Spain) thanks to the Andalusian School of Public Health. The participants felt that a common declaration was necessary: “When many European countries are implementing austerity policies, it is especially important that the public health community should speak out on behalf of the poor and marginalized. Among them are many migrants, who for various reasons are especially vulnerable at this time.


Find the Declaration in English Granada Declaration (English). In Spanish here: Declaración De Granada. And in French here: Déclaration de Grenade


The Declaration highlights that those who are already vulnerable suffer most from cuts in health and social services. Austerity policies have consequences on many people’s health (both migrants and others), but “a few countries have used the economic crisis to reduce entitlement to health and social services, in some cases specifically targeting undocumented migrants”. And “in some countries we are seeing the rise of xenophobia, leading to discrimination and violence against migrants and ethnic minorities of long standing, especially the Roma, affecting their health and accentuating the barriers they face in obtaining appropriate health care”. The Declaration calls on all European governments to take concrete steps to protect the health of migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe.


Alpha PAMAlpha PAM was a 28 year old Senegalese who had been living in Spain for 8 years before he became sick with TB. He tried several times in vain to access healthcare before he was found dead in his apartment. Since September 2012, adult undocumented migrants are excluded from the Spanish healthcare system – the new law specifies that they can only obtain emergency care.




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