National Report on Racist ViolenceOn April 30th 2014, Médecins du Monde Greece and the Greek Council for Refugees presented their National Report on Racist Violence at a press conference in Athens. Both organisations joined forces in the implementation of the “Enough!” programme. Its aim was to raise awareness about the pernicious repercussions of racism, the need to combat racist crimes, the need to end impunity for perpetrators of such crimes and the protection of victims.

During the course of one year (01/02/2013 – 01/02/2014), 75 victims of racist violence were received and their testimonies documented: all incidents involved physical attacks with serious injuries. In many cases, the use of clubs, chains, knives, broken bottles, and dogs was reported. All but one attack included multiple perpetrators, who in the majority of cases were dressed in black and bearing neo-Nazi insignia. Four attacks took place inside police headquarters.

As half of the victims were undocumented, they could not file any complaint. The EU Victim’s Directive 2012/29/EU established minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of ALL victims of crime, specifically including undocumented migrants; it will have to be transposed and implemented also in Greece. Some perpetrators were minors themselves: this is the reason why the MdM Greece “Enough!” project also goes into schools to meet children aged 12 to 16.

Download the full report here: National Report on Racist Violence