On the 19 October, the European Network and Menedék organised a conference on empowerment in Budapest

The conference gathered members of the Network and several Hungarian associations. They discussed topics such as community development; preventive health; supporting local organisations; practices & strategies of empowerment.

There were 5 speakers for 4 very interesting interventions:

  • Edel Mc Ginley, Director of the Migrants Right Center Ireland (MRCI), spoke about community development as a tool for collective action, empowerment and social change
  • Eliot Wieslander, Executive Director of Läkare i Världen (Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde Sweden), presented a method developed by MdM Sweden, to talk about health in a preventive way together with people who have very little prior knowledge about health, very small resources to improve their health and who are living in environment where they are at heightened risk of contracting infections
  • Maya Esnart Liwonde, representing the association of African women “Flor de África” and Fatima Djarra, social mediator at Médicos del Mundo, explained how Médicos del Mundo and Flor de África work together around matters related to health, sexual and reproductive health, female genital mutilation and other issues
  • Iva Jovovic, Executive Director of Udruga Let in Croatia, spoke about the practices and strategies of empowerment