In order to document the processed of the International Observatory form an operational perspective, a manual was written between January and March 2017.

This manual provides a detailed description of the different activities that are carried out in the Observatory from a technical point of view. It gives the big picture of the International Observatory working cycle, from the setup of the social and medical questionnaires to the production and publication of the annual report. Some proposales and recommendations are also provided.

Please click here to access the PDF version of the manual.

2016 OBSERVATORY REPORT – Graphic resources

The 2016 International Observatory report contains many different graphic resources: logos, photos, tables, charts and diagrams. In order to enable the Network’s members to access and use more easily these resources, a Power Point presentation, containing all these resources and summarizing the contents of the report, was produced (English version only).

Extracts from the testimonies and summary tables listing the main legal changes are also available.

Click here to access the presentation.